Posted by: Ophelia | April 4, 2008

Caught on LJ

I was posting something to Livejournal and caught this ad on my screen.


So tired, I could sleep. Not only do we have the “lol women like to shop” but we also have the targeted “girlfriend” slang meant to appeal to black women. The message of the ad makes sense, women are at risk for heart disease, and diabetes as they get older, exercise is helpful for general fitness and people are more motivated in a group setting.

I have to say that it’s rather unlikely that if the ad was targeted towards white women that they would have used “girlfriends”. For whatever reason, the media has adopted it as representative of the special sassy bond black women have with their friends. In the real world, lots of women call their female friends “girlfriends” but I don’t think that’s why the ad copy reads the way it does. The word has been coded. We also have the coding of gender stereotypes with the shopping. I’m sure some women like to shop. I don’t see why this must then be extrapolated to mean the entire group does, and furthermore that it’s a type of exercise and most importantly that it’s the only way to get these women up and moving.

Feh :/. It would be nice if we could just use facts to address the targeted audience instead of stereotypes and hip lingo for an awareness campaign like this.

Feel free to post any random eyebrow quirking coded language/stereotypes in ads you’ve seen recently.


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