Posted by: Ophelia | April 4, 2008

Why are we doing this?

Teen kills newborn in school toilet

Florida teens believe drinking bleach will prevent HIV

These stories back to back have just left me wondering why. Why do we insist on depriving people of the truth, the education that they need to keep themselves safe? Morality isn’t keeping these kids from fucking. Pretending that they don’t fuck doesn’t keep them from fucking. Comprehensive education would keep these kids safe in a way that their own imaginative solutions to birth control and disease prevention cannot. Adults are supposed to educate, not to leave these kids to fend for themselves. I don’t think people make decisions like those above when they have choices and information. I’m in no way advocating a free for all love in, but not providing them the protection of information and birth control is in no way helping the situation. Ignoring the problem doesn’t make it go away.  Slut shaming doesn’t make it go away. Why are we doing this to our young people, and more specifically, our girls?

I noticed that in the first story, the father is a mystery. I wonder if they’re even looking for him. Male sexuality carries no consequence, women are supposed to be the gate keepers. Their sexuality comes at the high price of their societal value (be sexualized at an early age but don’t have sex or you’re dirty) and countless obstacles to obtaining control over their reproductive health, even pharmacists can decide to stand between you and birthcontrol or you and emergency contraception.

How did we get here? Better yet, how do we grow up?


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