Posted by: Ophelia | April 11, 2008

I…got nothing

A WOMAN whose husband drugged and raped her before setting fire to her bedroom has blamed herself for the incident that left her with serious burns.

“I was a real bitch and I know that,” she told the County Court yesterday. “It took something as bad as what happened to snap me out of being what I was.”

Steve Anger, for the man, said his client had been severely depressed at the time. He agreed his client should go to jail, but asked the judge to consider his mental state and his wife’s evidence when fixing a sentence next week.

I…really? Wow. I got nothing to offer here. Just…what? I really hope this shouldering of the blame doesn’t affect the verdict, it’s not uncommon amongst victims of domestic violence to lay the blame for their partners actions on themselves.



  1. No one deserves to be set on fire like that. Depression is a piss poor excuse. ANYTHING is a piss poor excuse for attacking your wife. Even worse, how could you possibly believe you deserve something like that? Did she light him on fire?

  2. I would hope that people aren’t taking this wife’s confession at face value, but within the context of the mental state of an abused spouse who has managed to convince herself that her husband would not have done such a heinous thing unprovoked.

  3. This sort of self-blame often points to a pattern of abuse, and perhaps could even be used as evidence of an abusive history. It is heart-breaking that one of the hardest things that victims of abuse often have to overcome is the feeling of self-loathing that the abuser has managed to instill in them through repeated attacks on their feelings of self-worth.

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