Posted by: Ophelia | April 15, 2008

You know, cuttin’ up hookers

Humor without misogyny is like…not funny at all guys.

I mean if we prevent young men from making funny t shirts about violently maiming a group of women who are notoriously exposed to violence, it’s like an infringement of his rights.

I loved this comment on Feministe though:”Sorry got off track, but judging by the reaction the harmless shirt got from you lovely ladies/lads (dont wanna offend!) I am curious to where you guys get your fix of humor, again, not saying the shirt refrenced in the post is “status quo” humor, the question is seperate from the shirt….”

If we don’t laugh at killing prostitutes, what are we going to laugh at? Furthermore, sending a message that such violence is not only normal but so normal that it’s a knee slapper isn’t at all problematic in a society that feeds off of its own stereotypes and devalues those seen as worthless. As if prostitutes don’t have a hard enough time with that.

And if you think that’s it for “hurting women is funny Tuesday” just follow me.

Again, this totally doesn’t happen to real women right? The stories of Laci Peterson, Jessie Davis, and Lori Kay Hacking weren’t national news. Unfortunately, maternal homicide victims tend to be young and often, black.

Nine days after his pregnant girlfriend was critically wounded in a drive-by shooting, wide receiver Rae Carruth of the Carolina Panthers was arrested today and charged with taking part in the crime.

“He was in full partication, things were going fine,” the victim’s co-worker Sarah Cassella says. “She even told me when she got pregnant, if the baby was a boy, that she was going to name it after him.

Investigators in Walker County have charged Neiriah Roberts with murdering his pregnant girlfriend. Tierra Adams‘ body was found last week in a shallow grave near Huntsville. She had been missing for two months.

And there’s so many more.

They’re trying to negate this pain, and all these dead women, to mock their existence and their deaths. How is it humor when it’s directed at such a vulnerable population? How is it funny when the violence really happens every day?

Fuck you Damon Wayans. Then again what can I expect from someone who agrees with Don Imus.

I’m sure all the dead black mothers think you’re hilarious.



  1. That video is one of the most disgusting things I have ever seen…

  2. ….Who thought that was funny? The worst part is that the guy doesn’t give ANY reason for an abortion, or even talk to her about it.

    And then there’s the stupid “cuttin’ up hookers” t-shirts? What the hell is wrong with people? Reading the replies makes me wonder what the hell is wrong with these people. So… threatening a Jewish person is ten times worse than threatening a woman? Oh wait, I guess the Jewish person was a MAN, and that would explain their idiotic views: pure misogyny.

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