Posted by: Ophelia | April 24, 2008

Wednesday Wtf: retro edition

So I just recalled this cartoon I used to watch called Wait Til Your Father Gets home. Well mostly I remembered the intro and not really getting it at the time, but well, see what I mean, it’s about 34 seconds in:

I remember the daughter as being portrayed as an irritating women’s libber. That, plus this little scene seems to be played up for humor but it’s pretty obvious that she’s been beaten up. In short–wtf?



  1. I think she was just having premarital sex…(she was picked up by a boy and the song said what the father doesnt know wont hurt him?!)

  2. I would have thought so but she doesn’t seem to be too pleased about the situation. Or even to see the guy walking her to the door. It looks more like she got mauled by a bear than had some consensual fun. I don’t really recall her having a steady boyfriend or dating a lot, but maybe she does and I’m missing something–but it looks a lot like “don’t tell dad my date roughed me up”.

  3. She’s limping too. I guess at the time, beating was synonymous with sex?

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