Posted by: Ophelia | April 25, 2008

Have some sources

In honor of submitting the first (extraordinarily rough) draft of my thesis, I’ve decided to post some of my sources. These are all from the Cleveland Gazette and drawn from a collection ranging from 1889-1910.

(They use the word outrage in place of rape here, although that term was also in use at the time). Pay attention to how they describe the cases, and how much focus the victim gets in comparison to witnesses, and communal reaction.

Infernal Outrage. Reports the lynching of one Samuel Garner accused with the rape of a seven year old who turns out to be an adult.

Judicial Outrage Provides minimal detail about a seventeen year old raped by a police officer who has just been acquitted.

Brutal Outrage About four pages long on the website, and details the gang rape of one Fannie Mulligan.

Dastardly Outrage Young woman is raped by a gang of “hoodlums” who break into the family home for the express purpose. Finding a church elder inside, the gang subdues him and later accuses him of the rape.

The Southern Definition of Rape

Southern Interracial Marriage Law



  1. Wow. I think I’m gonna want to read your thesis.

    I don’t get to say that every day.

  2. I hope someone does. She’s spent a lot of time on it.

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