Posted by: Ophelia | April 30, 2008

Fat phobia redux

Fat after fame.

Fat shaming can’t just stop at the celebs they catch eating in public, it’s got to extend to people who grew up or grew older as well.

From Stereohyped:

The roving band of lepers and ponces at TMZ have published a feature entitled “Fat After Fame,” in which they identify and then mock celebrities who have dared gain weight over the course of their careers.

While almost all of the shit site’s derisiveness is absurd and laughable, our favorite of its new fat-skinny comparisons is this one of actress Raven Symone. Can you believe that disgusting pig is finding it difficult to maintain the svelte physique she had when she was seven? What a fattie.



  1. Some of those people went from sickly skinny to what looks like a healthy weight. I think those older pictures of Raven are gorgeous.

    And God forbid people get old. Isn’t that what botox is for?

  2. I remember reading somewhere that John Travolta spent 6 hours a day in rehearsals for Saturday Night Fever . . . of course he used to be really thin!

    I’d rather have a life, thank you.

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