Posted by: Ophelia | May 5, 2008

The ideology of virginity strikes again!

A Tunisian court is looking into an unprecedented rape case filed by a Tunisian family against a man who allegedly “raped” their daughter over the phone during an erotic call, press reports said on Thursday.

The defendant, 30, denied having ever touched the 20-year-old victim, but admitted that in one of their phone calls, while they were “totally into it,” he heard her scream and say that a few drops of blood had come out of her.

The victim’s lawyer, Maha al-Metebaa, told Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Qabs that the forensic report showed that the girl had lost her virginity recently, but was not subjected to any sexual assault.

According to Metebaa, this supports the fact that the phone call was the reason.

But Metebaa said this was an unprecedented case that required the court’s thorough investigation and jurisprudence to reach a decision.

“The intercourse did take place with all its details but verbally only. The sexual act did not really happen because the physical proximity factor is not there, yet it happened because there is a direct physical impact – the loss of virginity.” (Al Arabiya News Channel)

Virginity = hymen, who knew?  Sorry gals who were born without, you were harlots from the womb! Ah, hymens, the center of your self worth. Not only is it physically manifest, but you can only lose it–and when you do, you are worthless. We also have the final arbitration of victimhood coming from the family, and not the woman. Lots of points worth discussing, have at it.


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