Posted by: Ophelia | May 6, 2008

The Pill Kills OMG!

This just in, the pill will KILL YOUR BABIES! Sure, that’s only if its two primary barriers to conception fail, but if they do, the pill will surely KILL YOUR BABY! (Tell that to all the pill babies, I’ve ever met). Then again, so will your body if you miscarry the average number of fertilized eggs that never implant–who should I complain to about that?

Well what’s most important is that we keep women from controlling their own bodies.

Q: Is it OK to take the pill for my acne or other health reasons?
A: Although the pill may have some minor benefits, the fact that it can kill preborn babies and cause harmful side effects for the woman outweighs its minor benefits. Because the pill weakens the immune system, it can cause bacterial infections and can make a woman more susceptible to the AIDS virus**. It can also cause the following side effects: pelvic inflammatory disease, infertility, cervical cancer, ectopic pregnancy, shrinking of the womb, breast cancer, blood clots, birth defects in children conceived while their mothers are on the pill, stroke, weight gain and much more. 2,3,4

So tell me, is endometriosis treatment a minor benefit? How about painful periods? How about missing periods? How about hormone control? Or how about how fertility clinics have been employing them to make egg harvesting easier on patient and doctor. Oh no–birth control pills can…MAKE BABIES!

Q: Is the pill dangerous to my health?
A: Absolutely! There are links between the birth control pill and breast cancer, cervical cancer, deep vein thrombosis (DVT), infertility, birth defects, blood clots, pelvic inflammatory disease, ectopic pregnancy, shrinking of the womb, stroke, weight gain and much more. 6,7,8

♥ Oh baby, don’t stop** lying to me now.♥

Q: How do you know when life begins?
A: It is a proven, scientific fact that when the human egg and human sperm unite, fertilization occurs and a new human being is created.

These organizations do not admit that this product is not 100 percent effective because these organizations’ main focus is on making money.

Oh yeah, that’s the good stuff. I understand how difficult it is to tell the truth when you’re all riled up and afraid to read pill pamphlets.

Q: Isn’t it better to be on the pill when you
are sexually active?

A: Better for whom? The pill does not prevent you from getting a sexually transmitted disease, it is not 100 percent effective in preventing pregnancy and you could conceive a child who gets chemically aborted before the baby’s presence is even known to you. Moreover, sexual activity outside of marriage is seriously wrong.

The then also go on to lambast the “right to privacy” as imaginary and liken their nosing into your reproductive business as the same as protecting a neighbor from poisoning. How dare those Supreme Court Justices presume to understand what the “Founding Fathers” intended. Arbitrary standards derived from a religion you may not belong to are where its at. It R Scientific Fact–I know from my indoctrination.

Besides, everybody knows that married couples should just use the Rhythm Method–that doesn’t kill babies.

we can calculate that two to three embryos will have died every time the rhythm method results in a pregnancy.

Is it not just as callous to organise your sex life to make it harder for a fertilised egg to survive, using this method, as it is to use the coil or the morning after pill, he asks?

“… the rhythm method may well be responsible for massive embryonic death, and the same logic that turned pro-lifers away from morning after pills, IUDs, and pill usage, should also make them nervous about the rhythm method,” he contends.

Et Tu Brute? Somehow methinks these people are employing a method which also kills the “preborn”–for shame. Somebody put that high horse back into the corral.

Now, according to the video they have posted, the progesterone in the pill causes an inhospitable environment in the uterus. Then then cite the failure rate of the pill as the result of human error. According to them, error means that there isn’t a continuous flow of hormones which results in ovulation–at the same time, there is somehow a continuous flow of progesterone which makes the uterus inhospitable to the preborn. I’m sorry but, what?

Also, I’d like to offer that if it is a scientific fact that an egg and sperm make a “person” how do they account for the existence of males, if all fetuses begin as female? Should we protest men? They’ve ruined the new “person” that came to be upon the union of the sperm and egg–should we protest that all fetuses should remain female or else they’ve flouted God’s will?

Also, parsley is officially on notice–it’s been known to induce menstruation and so must have wiped out a few preborn in its time. We gotta stop it before it’s too late!

Furthermore, I’d like god to explain the number of fertilized eggs that don’t implant? Why does he hate us for our freedom?

Even more shocking! Squirrels! They eat acorns which have the potential to be a tree. Upon the union of acorn and dirt it becomes a tree. Squirrels are eating our trees that we so sorely need. THE BASTARDS!

Around squirrels, never relax. They’re out to eat your preborn trees.



  1. I eat pumkin seeds and sunflower seeds. Does that mean I’m a murderer of the possible life that could have grown from those seeds if planted properly? Am I also robbing life from helpless chicks by eating eggs? According to those pro-lifers, I’M A MONSTER!!!!

    Moreover, I wonder what these women think about people that have large families? Doesn’t the term “welfare families”come up in those cases too? Not to mention that these are the people that do not care at all about the child after it leaves the womb. They’d rather the child be born, live through years of poverty and/or being treated poorly by its parents for being unwanted and generally having a terrible life, only to die of an illness when the family can’t afford health care. I’m not saying all children would go through this, but I’m willing to bet it would happen. Moreover, if every woman were to have as many children as they physically could, we would be starving to death from lack of food as a species as a whole.

    They can call other people what they want, but the real monsters are the ones that would willingly subject children to a living hell so they can be ‘right’.

  2. The birth control pill does not create an inhospitable environment in the uterus. It prevents ovulation. You can’t get pregnant if there is no egg to unite with sperm.

    Estradiol-based pills keep you from ovulating because high levels of estrogen prevent ova from maturing and being released. Mice that have had their estrogen receptors knocked out (which produces the same results as not having estrogen) begin ovulating before they are mature.

    Progesterone works a little differently. It makes your body think it is already pregnant (progesterone is increased during pregnancy).

    The point is, though, that both prevent ovulation. So no, the pill does not “kill babies.”

    Some IUDs, on the other hand, DO make it more difficult for fertilized eggs to implant, but others (like Mirena) release a steady stream of progesterone (for 5 years!), inhibiting ovulation.

  3. JH: Most eggs that you get from the supermarket are unfertilized. 🙂

  4. hehe. The last bit about the squirrels really got me. I saw one of those stinkers eating a preborn tree just a few minutes ago! Killer!

    If the people that believe that the pill kills babies were able to speak of their [craaazy] cause without such ridiculous rhetoric and preaching [“sexual activity outside marriage is seriously wrong’] I might feel that they were a real threat.

    But no. They are rather decent at providing fodder for humorous posts like this.

  5. Squirrels love the sweet, sweet taste of baby trees.
    What gets me is how they employ “science” to prove their suppositions. Most of what they say is theory, or flat out non science, or directly contrary to current scientific thought–but they portray the pill manufacturers as the ones with the agenda. They point out that the pill isn’t 100% effective, as if that’s not something the pill makers tell you when you buy the things. If birth control pills were as effective at preventing and ending pregnancy as this group thinks–I’d imagine the pill would be even more popular and there would be no failure rate.

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  7. The eggs may be unfertilized, but that wouldn’t stop pro-lifers now would it?


    This is because English language not suitable anymore because the original Bible is in Arabic.

    The full story is here:

  9. It is a proven, scientific fact that when the human egg and human sperm unite, fertilization occurs and a new human being is created.

    ….or two. Or three. Or potentially hundreds.

    Of course, science doesn’t really go in for the use of terms like “new human being” in any sort of legal or moral sense, so it’s hard to see what they could mean by “scientific fact” here.

  10. During the development of the human body in the womb, from a fetus to a baby, millions of cells die. Babies are born from death itself. I don’t see the pro lifers gasping over that.

  11. “[From 1973-2003], a total of 196,325,000 to 324,325,000 chemical abortions wiped out the equivalent of the entire United States population!”

    O NOZ! Because, you know, it would be really great for our society if our population more than doubled in 30 years. I’m sure there would be enough natural resources and healthcare and schools and jobs to go around.

    What a steaming pile of fail.

  12. As soon as the baby leaves the womb, it’s not a person anymore, apparently.

  13. I can’t wait to see what people do about this. I’m Expecting/Hoping that they will wake up and go “Sh*t, pro-life really is a mask for restricting people’s control over their own bodies and lives. Their opposition to mercy death, Plan B and comprehensive sex ed all adds up. We are in some deep sh*t in this country.” However, the human race has never ceased to disappoint me. So I’m watching to see if it is going to be a comedy, an action or a horror film.

  14. The birth control pill does not create an inhospitable environment in the uterus. It prevents ovulation. You can’t get pregnant if there is no egg to unite with sperm.

    This would be true if the pill was 100% successful in the first line of its action, but as everyone well knows, it isn’t. Thus, your logic doesn’t follow.

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  16. Logic has no reason to be included in this discussion 🙂 j/k

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  18. I have an opinion, but I am trying to present unbiased information.
    In the drug information that comes with the pills, the iud, or whatever it says that they work in 3 ways.
    1. They work to prevent ovulation.
    2. They thicken the mucus at the cervix to help prevent sperm from reaching the egg.
    3. They cause changes to the lining of the uterus to make it less likely that an egg could implant if fetilization does happen.

    If you believe that life starts when fertilization happens, there is the potential that the pill and other hormonal birth control will result in the death of something that was, however briefly, alive.

    If you believe that life and pregnancy start at implantation, the pill does not let this happen, and therefore there is no moral dilema.

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