Posted by: Ophelia | May 7, 2008

Eat like a gendered member of society!

Ah, the ubiquitous “Men like bacon–therefore, this food is for men” ad. So am I not allowed to order this if I don’t identify as a man? Are there some sort of gendered ordering rules? Or is this all a bullshit advertising campaign directed at tired ass gender normatives about food? The last one, definitely. I’m so over this “Eat like a man” and “you’re a lady–have a salad” styled ads. Fast food is bad enough without all this gendered crap.

Taco Bell is supporting the launch of the new Big Bell Box with broadcast TV advertising featuring comedic radio personality Adam Corolla who prompts viewers to “eat like a man” and that they “deserve a meal made for men.” Throughout his career, Corolla has become an authority figure on what men like, as he was star and creator of the “Man Show” and currently features an “Adam Rant” on his popular syndicated radio show. (

Unapologetically Female breaks it down even more here.

More on Taco Bell’s previous ad campaign here. Boobs sell tacos right?


  1. This reminds me of the stupid Burger King ads where they told people they discontinued the Whopper. “They might as well call themselves Buger Queen!!”

  2. It also enforces the idea that women need to watch what they eat, otherwise they’re going to get fat. Which no one wants.

  3. Thanks for calling out the smalltime bullshit.

    It’s easy to get upset about the seemingly more obvious, but little shit like this can be far more insidious over a long period of time.

    It’s no wonder my gender is emotionally retarded.

  4. It’s also irritating because since when did the views of one man represent all? Adam Corolla seems a bit full of himself to think he can represent the tastes and interests of all men, and the execs behind the ad are stupid for believing him.

  5. As I just said to my partner, “Well, honey, I guess Taco Bell thinks I’m a man and you’re not.” Since he’s vegetarian, and I would eat that up and love it.

    Well, I *would* have, but….

  6. Word. Good calling this shit out.

    Taco Bell seems to have (hetero)sexist assumptions in advertising as part of its advertising bible as I’ve written about before.

  7. HA! I didn’t even realize until that you linked to my post in your article–thanks!! I’m such an idiot.

  8. You’re not seeing things, I added it when I saw your comment. Thanks for pointing it out to me.

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  10. […] Female and Feminocracy already have excellent blog posts on this, and Unapologetically Female lists all the other ways […]

  11. Excellent post! I linked to it in my post,
    Thanks for calling them on their shit. I included a link to complain to Taco Bell in my post, for anyone who’s interested.

  12. […] Female and Feminocracy both have great assessments of Adam Corrolla’s (yeah, of the Man Show, known for it’s […]

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