Posted by: Ophelia | May 8, 2008

Tell em why you mad son

A really shitty fox interviewer attempts to get this priest to lambast Reverend Wright as a “bigot” “anti-American” and a racist, and the priest takes him to school. Towards the end, he even schools the interviewer about Martin Luther King–who the interviewer invoked as a reason why we should stop worrying about race.

It’s just like arguing with someone like this on the internet, the interviewer just can’t seem to wrap his mind around what he’s being told and keeps repeating the same points in an attempt to get Father Pfleger to agree with him.



  1. Well, it IS Fox news. What do you expect? Intelligent questioning? Actual news?

  2. I remember reading about this guy, Mike Pfleger. He’s a huge social activist within Chicago and causes a fair share of angst in the Archdiocese. He’s like a loose cannon cop, only in Catholic priest form.

  3. […] Fox News is Ridiculous, Fr. Mike Pfleger Puts Them in Their Place Found via Feminocracy. […]

  4. lololol. Stupid motherfucker can’t even realize he just got told. This priest knows what’s up, he’s got the interviewer’s number, and he unspins the spin at every misapprehension uttered by the unfortunate little media puppet.

    Incidentally, since when did interviews become, “Hey, I’m the interviewer so listen to me talk, and I won’t listen to or consider a single word you say lalalalalala?”

  5. This is amazing! Father Pfleger is a winner in my book. At the end when he’s talking about King’s assassination I was like, “Oh god, is he gonna say it? Is he gonna say it? OH SNAP! He said it!”

    Cuz you know the government was behind that shit. I love how that reporter invoked King’s name so foolishly, and Pfleger tells him to go read King’s speech on the Vietnam war. That speech is really powerful.

  6. That was the most awe-inspiring thing I’ve seen in a long time. I’m floored.

  7. He hit the nail on the head when he said Martin Luther King has been repackaged. Any time someone comes along speaking uncomfortable truths powerfully, they have to be repackaged so they appear to support right-wing talking points.

  8. Father Pfleger, you pwned Fox good. I really like the difference of opinion of what ‘love’ really is. Love is not blindly accepting what comes from what it is you love, love is not defending what you know is wrong for the sake of someone or something you love. Love is giving them or it what it really needs, to truly benefit them or it. The love the interviewer is spouting is the bullshit you get from parents that will defend and protect their child no matter what, even if the child was guilty of murder and the parent knew it, they are willing to blame anyone else, even put innocent people to jail or death to defend them. That’s not love. That’s stupidity.

    If you love someone, you make them take responsibilities for their problems, their mistakes, their wrongs. Never let yourself become complacent. The second people stop caring about this country is the same second that this country is going to kill again.

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