Posted by: Ophelia | May 12, 2008

How dare you bring science into this

Update to the Pill Kills post:

(I would like to point out that apparently science itself is part of the culture of death. Damn you science daily, damn you and your facts to hell!)

Apparently we’re part of the Culture of Death according to a Michael who says:

Dear pro-life friends,

As many of you already know, American Life League is launching a campaign to inform the public about the abortifacient nature of oral contraceptives. (If you don’t already know about it, please take a moment to check out . Also, be sure to join our facebook page and invite your friends! ) Some of you have blogged about it, and we’re gearing up for a full-court press on this initiative.

But we need your help!

In just 2 days, “pro-choice” bloggers have filled the blogosphere with their vitriol and Culture of Death rhetoric. In fact, one blogger went so far as to state his hatred for babies, while a comment on another blog indicated a desire to show up to a designated protest area to “mess with” us.

Just to give you a sampling of who is saying what, I am sending you a “short” list of Culture of Death bloggers talking about The Pill Kills website. I don’t recommend wasting too much time reading their nonsense, but it is worth noting their overt hostility to anything that “just might” change their worldview of “promiscuity-made-safe.”

We present information. They present virtiol. Why is that? Makes one wonder what they’re so angry about!

Your voice is louder than theirs because you have the Truth! So let’s fill the blogosphere with the Truth! Send e-mails. Tell your friends. Post The Pill Kills button on your blogs! Do whatever it takes … just don’t let them silence our voice for those who don’t have one.

As always, thanks for everything you do for the pro-life cause. Our efforts would be a lot harder without yours!




  1. hahahaha


  2. Stupidity in numbers is STILL stupidity.

  3. Yes, how dare I be “hostile” towards a group of people trying to limit my rights to control medical decisions intimately affecting my own health and life. My audacity.

    C’mon my minions, we need to protect our culture of “promiscuity-made-safe” since clearly all women on the pill are sex-mongers, going around, you know, mongering sex and pissing into the ocean of piss that is the moral fabric of this nation. No one on the pill is married or is taking it because of medical issues. NO ONE.

  4. Not to mention that everyone must believe in what they believe, or they are evil.

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