Posted by: Ophelia | May 25, 2008

Boobs, that’s what girls got

You know, them things like what we got on our mudflaps. You too can own products modeled after breasts because…well I haven’t quite figured that one out.

Boob slippers, since you never know when your feet will get cold and you have a sudden urge to reduce women into parts. These will solve your problem

At least it’s an actual remote and not one of those ones that purport to control women too. Hooray for women composed of nothing but breasts and vagina, hooray!

Oh look at that, a mouse with nipples for buttons. How innovative. Good thing she doesn’t have a head, I guess.

Oh boy, you can see disembodied boobs in the bathtub. Maybe you’ll be as excited as the guy on the package.

Boob soap dispenser for your shower, and since you’re naked anyway–wink wink.

Women’s bodies are novelties! Hooray!

I really wish crap like this wasn’t popular enough to continue spawning more and more useless products modeled after female body parts.



  1. I didn’t even read your commentary…but I bet I know what you were thinking.

    Disembodied-women products like that are really offensive to me. I tried explaining that to one of my guy friends, and he basically thought I was uptight.


  2. They do sort of speak for themselves, don’t they?

  3. Yet if get angry about disembodied parts for the purposes of amusement, we are just angry man hating feminazis.

  4. After reading this, I remembered that Shakesville had a post a while back about disembodied boob-products, so I went looking for it. What I didn’t remember was that Melissa pictured a whopping SIXTY-FIVE pictures just like the ones you found. SO disgusting. Here’s her post:

    P.S. Interesting how these products always only feature the breasts of white women.

  5. If we still had Victorian dress codes would they be making ankle shaped soap dispensers?

  6. […] Clearly gender construction and understanding has evolved to the point where the very notion of women as objects is laughable. Ha! Even funnier, there’s reference to using the leash in an attempt to control […]

  7. […] but this was simply too good to let alone. I recently got a comment in my inbox about a long gone boobs as products and, well, just see for yourself. Hi, I’m a male who’s taken an interest in gender […]

  8. this is so cool

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