Posted by: Ophelia | May 25, 2008

Okay McDonald’s stop it

I just saw a commercial for their new southern biscuit breakfast sandwich that featured two black people discussing “nanna’s kitchen” and how great the sandwiches were going to be. The fact that this ad appeared on Abc Family–a very white channel with very white commercials so it was a bit jarring. You know, I could get this if only it weren’t so dependent on “Black people like chicken *wink wink*”. So anyway, I went looking for the commercial so I could post it and saw that this isn’t the first time they’ve tried to reach the “urban” viewer.

Compare that with the only other ad for it I found

So we’ve got: this is a great sandwich nom nom delicious contrasted with this is what southern blacks eat–so you should eat it if your melanin content is above a certain level. Well, they stretched it to the idea that Northerners just don’t know about the goodness of chicken and they need southerners to teach them both rhythm and the availability of this new sandwich.

(Although it’s possible the second commercial is a jab at Chick Fil-A and their reputation as a Christian company. Our sandwich is just as godlike as theirs or some such thing.)

Talk about beating you over the head. Yes, I get it Mcdonald’s if you make a chicken sandwich, the black people are supposed to come. Could we make it the end with all this pandering? Seriously–quit it. All black people aren’t the same, neither are all Southerners or all Northerners.

Also, I’m pretty sure that proximity to the sandwich doesn’t make you start talking like a jackass “black”.



  1. Well, everyone knows black people aren’t real… they’re just cartoon characters doing stereotypical things.

  2. I think of all the commercials the first and the third are the most disturbing. It is what they imply rather than what they directly state.

  3. Wow. Is that white dude supposed to look cool because he is appropriating an urban affect? Or is that affect supposed to appear unintelligent because that jackass clearly is?

    Stupid bullshit. Love to see it called out.

  4. Is this even legal? Oh, brother.

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