Posted by: Ophelia | June 6, 2008

Ha-ha, I’m using the Internet

We all know how difficult it is to keep that special girl in your life. It seems that whenever you think you have a strong relationship with commitment, you get walked all over. Other men, other women, even electronic devices, can tear away that one thing that matters! (Leash your girl)

The answer? Leash them. Oh I’m sure this seemed like a funny idea. Clearly gender construction and understanding has evolved to the point where the very notion of women as objects is laughable. Ha! Even funnier, there’s reference to using the leash in an attempt to control a woman’s fertility. How absolutely laughable! Everyone knows that women are valued as self actualized individuals in control of their own destiny. Women are equals to men and no one would ever suggest that their bodies are to be controlled by outside forces that know best–its so funny.To think that women’s sexuality is equated with their self worth in our world today is a true laugh riot and clearly the website owners are in touch with the world around them.

Or not. You see it isn’t funny when you’re directing your attack at an already marginalized group–its sort of a basic tenant of humor. It can be funny if one is pointing to the ridiculous nature of prejudice a la Dave Chappelle. What they’ve gone for here is the Carlos Mencia effect–being offensive for the sake of being offensive because clearly its the stereotypes that are funny and not the jibes at the people who hold them and the society that nourishes them. Sorry, this joke is a massive pile of fail on a fail boat that is sinking.

Somehow I cannot find amusement in this site. The thought of being put on a leash to make sure I “stay sweet” fails to tickle my funny bone. Why would that be? Perhaps because somewhere along the line I decided that my body belonged to me. Maybe it was the day I had the ridiculous thought that it should be my decision on whether or not to have sex. Perhaps, it was when it occurred to me that I am more than my body parts, and did the ever so radical thing of acknowledging myself as a sentient being. (Renee)



  1. I think what makes this decidedly not-funny is that there are at least some men who would think this was a good idea. They may be a tiny minority, but they exist.

  2. I am quite sure that if men thought that they could away with this, the majority of women would be wearing leashes…

  3. Oh I’m sure–it reminds me of that Man Show “Wife School” skit. As if women wouldn’t be sent in droves if such a thing existed. Although in a weird way it’s pseudo feminist–it acknowledges that proper wifely behavior isn’t innately feminine and that it must be taught, but still.

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