Posted by: Ophelia | July 14, 2008

Don’t forget it’s satire

Believe it or not, I only caught the New Yorker cover that everyone is talking about this morning. Perhaps if the image included a reference to all of the Fox newspeople who honestly believe that a dap is a deeply encoded terrorist message it wouldn’t be problematic. Perhaps if it in some way indicated that the image was meant to be a commentary on the people who believe it and not on the Obamas. It’s a pathetic attempt at satire worthy of a C- in an intro to satire class at an undergraduate institution at best and blatant racist pandering at worst. Could you tell me what the point of Michelle’s curly afro is? How about that flag burning in the fireplace? Please. You can’t have satire without the introduction of the “angry black woman” trope complete with gun and reduced bustlines–remember, black women aren’t really women. They’re too masculine and angry. Good thing no one really believes this sort of thing nowadays, its so good to live in a world where black bodies aren’t subject to ugly stereotypes and we can safely poke fun at the beliefs of racists by drawing images that adhere to their beliefs…wait.

“The purpose of satire is to shock and inflame your opposition. If your illustration could be used as a poster for the far right and you are offending your political allies, then it’s about time someone fired you.” (Jen @ Female impersonator)



  1. You are so right – reproducing the slanders of the right is not the same thing as lampooning them. It seems like the New Yorker thinks that it’s above accusation – because everyone knows it doesn’t mean to put sincerely bigoted images of the Obama’s on every news stand in the nation…

  2. Blaah. Stuff like this is so annoying. I think you and Jen both did a nice job covering it.

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