Posted by: Ophelia | July 16, 2008

All you darkies look the same

Or: My wife’s infidelity is reason enough to run over a black woman.

A white driver was charged with two hate crimes after, police said, he purposely jumped the curb along the 700 block of South Atlantic Avenue (A1A) in Daytona Beach (see map) and hit a 25-year-old black woman riding her bicycle Monday night.

“I see this car coming straight toward me and he didn’t hit his brakes or anything,” 25-year-old victim Nekedia Cato told Eyewitness News as she recovered from her injuries Tuesday.

“He sideswiped a tree right over here and then that’s when he lost it and, when he lost it, he went into a roll, took out the porch on a house here and then rolled about four times and landed about a half-block up,” said eyewitness Mike Brotherton.

According to the Daytona Beach Police Department, after crashing the vehicle, 56-year-old Thomas Darryl Cosby shouted racial slurs accusing the victim of sleeping with his wife and girlfriend. Cosby was restrained by witnesses until law enforcement arrived.

Investigators believe Cosby wanted revenge because his wife had an affair with a black man.”He was screaming out ‘Help me, I have to kill these black people. Help me kill these black people,’ because one black man slept with his wife,” Cato said. “Just tell him, I forgive him. I don’t hate you for what you did. Maybe you were going through something in your mind, something that triggered you.”

Male, Female–black is black right? This serves as a pretty good example of the way that racists oversimplify and classify all members of a race as equally guilty of any offense a single person has committed against them. I’m pretty sure he knew it was a black MAN that slept with his wife, not a black WOMAN, but who’s counting when you’re literally angry with rage. Why not take a life –she shouldn’t have been black in public anyway.

Ugh. That’s not even a half assed excuse, it’s barely a quarter assed.

Also note the bolded portion of the article wife AND girlfriend–and he’s the one who’s been wronged. Obviously the relationship wasn’t open if he’s so pissed over his wife sleeping with another man so where does he get off sleeping with another woman? Yummy double standards. Do as I say and not as I do–when I fuck around it’s fine and dandy, when you do it I’m enraged. Two levels of misogyny with a healthy helping of racism. Yum.



  1. “This serves as a pretty good example of the way that racists oversimplify and classify all members of a race as equally guilty of any offense a single person has committed against them.”

    Brilliant. Your logic might also help people understand why all stereotypes are hurtful (‘I said you were probably a good dancer’), they deny people the chance to be seen as individuals.

    Back to the crazy guy… that ‘excuse’ isn’t going to work with a jury, pal.

  2. It may also serve as a bridge to discussing why individuality is a privilege. When a group is not in the majority, when they have features that are different from the “norm” its much easier to view them as a group and to conjecture behavior based on past experience. Same thing applies to men and women.

    The fact that this story would be even more absurd to the average viewer if the racial roles were switched reveals a problem in our racial thinking. Why is it that some groups are presumed to be individuals and others are presumed to be part of a hive mind–all equally guilty of singularly committed offenses?

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