Posted by: Ophelia | July 17, 2008

Video quickies

The parents in this spot can’t wait for their teenage daughter to get out there and start making babies! Because, honestly, who really cares about a few unwanted children when there’s a chance to get some action, right? The new peta2 spot about the animal overpopulation crisis makes a startling comparison that shows exactly how absurd it is when animal guardians refuse to spay or neuter their cats and dogs.

On MSNBC this morning, Peta’s senior vice president, Lisa Lange, said that, “we’re running this ad in the ten states with the highest incidence of teen pregnancy.” Seems that there’s more at hand than the spay and neuter your pets angle. More like parents who fail to control their daughter’s fertility are absurd and so are people who don’t spay and neuter.

The idea they want to communicate is that by failing to spay/neuter pet owners are ultimately responsible for all the unwanted puppies and kittens that could have been easily prevented. This is then connected with actively encouraging your child to have sex. But the comparison falls flat for me. Refusing to spay and neuter is the same as active encouragement of breeding in the ad. So then, what is the proper action to prevent teen pregnancy? They don’t say, but apparently failing to do it is the same as active encouragement–and that’s absurd, which is why they have targeted the ad towards markets with high rates of teen pregnancy. Yep, it’s all about the animals.

(P.S Lisa thinks this is “very funny” and further that some parents are actively encouraging their children to have sex.)

Oh but Peta didn’t stop there in their new ABC (Animal Birth Control) advertising campaign.

They’re devoted to keeping pure bloodlines, labeling “mixed breeds” as inferior, and creating a dominant “master race” that meets their prejudiced ideas of “perfection.” The only things that the American Kennel Club is missing are the pointy white hats.

Breedism = Racism. Yes, that’s it exactly, the KKK isn’t about fear mongering and violence, its about racial purity which is easily comparable to breed standards for dogs.

“Race, pedigree, that’s just all semantics.” You said it KKK guy.

And rounding it out:

A developer who is trying to sell 14 condominiums in Canton is giving one away through a $50-per-entry contest, being promoted online by a bikini-clad model, according to the Boston Herald.

John Quinn said his firm created the contest to market its Canton Park complex in a fun way. In a YouTube video posted on, model Giselle Sterling explains how people can win the $235,000 unit.The developer said the slumping housing market has left more than a dozen of the 74 apartments converted into condos two years ago unsold. (WCVB)

No idea why this concept requires a three minute long video with a scantily clad woman–a one page document could have communicated the same thoughts. But I guess it wouldn’t draw enough attention otherwise.



  1. FYI: That “scantily clad women” also happens to be a United States Marine, Black Belt Martial Arts Instructor, Fire Arms Coach, Fitness Instructor, College Grad, and Community Network Hostess who just happens to be a bikini model.

    It’s not her fault she’s aesthetically pleasing!

    Hate the game, not the player!

  2. I think it’s a creative and fun ad and it definitely got my attention. And who is the beautiful model in this commercial!?

  3. I’m glad that she’s so accomplished, but does that make her less scantily clad? I never said she was at fault for appearing in the ad–I was questioning why she was necessary to communicate the ideas of the advertisement, but that much is obvious.

    * Such an odd coincidence to get not one but two new commentors that comment within moments of one another about the video that has both the shortest commentary and lack of substantive analysis. Further, both spectacularly fail to address anything having to do with the video but rather focusing entirely on perceived attacks on the model and her attractiveness. Hm…

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