Posted by: Renee | July 28, 2008

Hooters Girls Can’t Jump

Hooters is an international restaurant food chain that is not famous for its food it is famous for its waitresses who wear short shorts, and low cut, tight fitting t-shirts. Of course the owners of Hooters are actually selling  sex, under the cover of functioning as a restaurant.  Really what man actually goes to Hooters to eat because he needs nourishment. He could eat cheaper, and just as unhealthy at McDonalds.  Imagine how much Ronald Mcdonald could increase sales if he would only consent to  breast enhancement surgery. Oh but wait, tits are only valued when they appear on women right??? Silly me, sexual objectification for profit is something men do to women what was I thinking.

According to CTV, Hooters employees in Dartmouth, N.S. engage in outdoor calisthenics prior to the commencement of their shifts. This must just be great for morale, standing on the sidewalk together jumping up and down to make your tits bounce to attract customers.  Can you imagine the female bonding this must cause. This marketing ploy has been so successful that a man drove directly into the back of a bus because he was busy watching the women and not the road. Theresa Brien, Halifax Regional Police spokesperson is reported to have said to CTV, “We attended Hooters and we had asked them to move their staff away from the roadway to another parking lot where they wouldn’t be distracting drivers.”

In a confirmation of his male right to exploit for profit the female form, Scott Samways responded, “I can understand safety but we’re not doing anything wrong. It’s a huge marketing ploy, pretty women can sell pretty much anything they want.” This statement was further backed up by their in house colluder waitress Amy Randell, “I think we should be out here promoting ourselves. It gets people in the restaurant and a lot of people enjoy it.”

Right, you’re shaking your tits to promote yourself…okay, self promotion is when you keep the entirety of the profits generated from your tits labour. The minute the profit goes to a pimp company you are being exploited. The value of your labour is not what the pimp lets you keep, company pays you, but the profit minus all expenses.  If you are going to be in the business of profiting from your body, you should be realistic, and honest about the work that you do.

The exercise routine encouraged by Hooters gave the community the perfect opportunity to discuss female sexual objectification, but of course “safety” was the issue that was focused on.  It would seem to me that if men would simply respect the bodies of women in the first place, there would not be an issue of safety. Daily when women walk down the street we receive cat calls and rude stares from men who feel that they have the right to dehumanize us for their pleasure. I recently wrote about an experience I had wherein a man stared at my breasts for five minutes in the presence of my children. My experience is not unique by any stretch of the imagination and the traffic incidents around Hooters reifies what has become patently obvious to most women…men see us as consumable sex objects.  As much as I disagree with what the waitress are doing, they should be able to jump up and down to their hearts content without being forced inside. It is the male drivers who do not pay attention to the road that need to dealt with. We need to stop policing women because men have difficulty with self control. The boys will be boys alleviates men of their responsibility to be respectful human beings, and  it makes women vulnerable to attack.

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