Posted by: Allyson | July 28, 2008

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Because I wasn’t having a frustrating enough day already . . . .

According to Feminist Philosophers, there is a new law up in Ohio, in which a man can veto a woman’s desire to abort a pregnancy.  The father doesn’t want an abortion?  No abortion!  And if the paternity is unknown, she has to get a paternity test (which can’t  be performed until the 10th week, and is expensive) so the father can be informed.

I’m of the position that the person who carries the fetus should make the final decision.  Every time.  Is it unfair?  Yes.  But it’s also biologically unfair that the woman alone carries the child.  That’s just the way it is.  Now, I am for honesty – a woman should tell her partner about the abortion, assuming it’s safe for her to do so.  But he has no veto power.  Yes, I’m all for a woman telling her partner what happened, but he has no say in the decision, and the state should not put his interests at stake when his body is not going to be housing a fetus for 9 months.  And I’m militant about this point.   Laws like this reduce women to bodies, not free agents.

This is also why couples need to be up-front and honest with each other before they have sex.  I would never, ever, in a million years have sex with a pro-life person.  Because even if we were using birth control, an accident might happen.  And then that person would be crushed, because I sure wouldn’t let his stance dictate my choice.  So that relationship wouldn’t work in the first place, and anyway, I don’t want to risk putting another person in that kind of situation.  I think couples need to sit down and work this stuff out.  If someone’s views on choice  conflict with yours, don’t sleep with them.  It’s going to be bad for everyone involved.  The government doesn’t need to legislate reproductive choice – we need as individuals to make choices about our sexual partners whose values match our own.

I am so ashamed of my home state.  My new state (Texas) may spent the most on abstinence-based sex ed, but this is even worse.

Furthermore, what is up with all the attacks on reproductive rights lately?



  1. Her is what they don’t realize, the father may have “legal veto” but that does not mean that she won’t take matters into her own hands. Women have been known to insert things in their vaginas or take herbal medication etc. This is not going to stop abortion it is only going to put more women at risk.

  2. Exactly. Believe me, I would take the risk of an illegal abortion if necessary. I’ve done research on abortion-inducing herbs just in case. And if I got caught somehow, I would go to jail; it’s worth it to me.

    I’m really not sure that legislators understand just how desperate some women might be, and the extent they are willing to go to terminate a pregnancy.

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