Posted by: Renee | July 28, 2008

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Rocky Horror Picture Show is one of my favourite all time movies. This morning I learned that they are re-making this cult classic. I certainly believe that they cannot improve upon the original but they will introduce a whole new generation to an interesting cast of characters.  So the honey and I were debating about who should play Frankenfurter….He picked Ewan McGregor and I chose Johnny Depp…weigh and and let me know who you think would be best, and if you have any suggestions for the other roles throw those in as well. Here is a little Sweet Transvestite to wet your whistle.



  1. Johnny Depp definitely. For a moment I thought this was a post by manafanana–it’s one of her favorite movies too.

    They’d likely use Scarlett Johannsen or Kate Hudson as Janet I’d think.

  2. Ewan McGregor would be the best choice.

  3. I posted this at womanist musings and someone suggest Neil Patrick Harris…I think that it is an interesting suggestion.

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