Posted by: Ophelia | July 29, 2008

Gender stereotypes AND cake!

My mom gave me these cupcake liners to use when we ran out of the aluminum Reynold’s wrap ones. Apparently they were labeled for birthdays.

Birthdays filled with basketballs, soccer balls, footballs, baseballs, baseball bats, and oh yes–numbers. It’s like they tried to cram in every “masculine” hobby possible. For the concern trolls-no I’m not saying women cannot be interested in these things, obviously we all know better than that. However, these activities are typically presumed to be part of the male domain and well…these liners are really ridiculous. Numbers? SPORTS! NUMBERS! YEAAAAAAAH! Do the ones for girls have teasets and tampons? Geez.

*Off topic but I added a food category and wordpress saw fit to leave the word lowercase–even though I capitalized it. I finally realized that I’m not nuts and just arbitrarily failing to capitalize categories. WordPresss doesn’t like capitalization in certain cases I guess.



  1. Birthdays are very annoying. Every time I go to search for one, I’m either blinded by pink or staring at awesome messages inside gendered covers. This is even true for adult cards! Why on earth is that?! It’s a pain in the behind, so much so that I’ve decided to start making my own cards.

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