Posted by: Renee | August 14, 2008

Madonna Adopting Another African Child

Yes that’s right Madonna is in the process of stealing adopting another child From Malawi. This time  she is taking welcoming a little girl into her home.  Madonna has claimed a great connection to the people of Malawi, and what better way to express her colonialist privilege earth mother like love, than to welcome a new child into her home.  In her quest to save the children of Malawi, Madonna seems to give little credence to their families wishes for their children. Isn’t it obvious that they would be better off under her guidance? According to the Sun Mercy’s (potential adopted daughter) family has some objection to the adoption. Gee imagine that.

Malawian adoption minister Penstone Kilembe said: “Madonna’s representatives have been visiting the girl. The adoption is now advanced — all the government is waiting for is Madonna to forward the petition of adoption formalities.
“Then Mercy will be able to leave the country for a new life.”
However, the girl’s gran Lucy Chekechiwa, 60, said she has been asked repeatedly by officials if Mercy could be adopted by an “unidentified foreign family” — but was firmly against it.
Speaking from her village in Zomba District, Lucy said: “Twice I have told the adoption people that I do not want Mercy to go outside the country.  But they keep on at us. Now they say that Mercy will be leaving us, but can return at age 18.”

Don’t worry that you will miss the next 16 years of her life, a rich white western woman wants her, and you should be thankful.  Don’t think about the fact that your arms will ache to hold her, or that she will undoubtedly become disconnected from her culture, and people. Madonna’s Kiplingest desires must be fulfilled, after all Africans exist to plundered.  A little thing like the slave trade backs this up and we simply cannot flout history. Don’t think of it as stealing foreign adoption, think of it as the opportunity of a lifetime.

Surely there must exist a child whose family would embrace an adoption, or does Madonna just seem to have bad luck continually picking children whose families would prefer them to stay in Africa.   Well no matter, her money and whiteness has the ability to assure that her desires will be fulfilled. What I cannot grasp is that someone who claims to care so much for children would express that love by taking them away from what is familiar to them.  It would seem to me that the best way to help children would be to build schools, and libraries, train teachers, improve access to medical, food and clean drinking water, but hey who needs those things when you can be raised by Madonna.

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  1. Wow – what a disturbing story. That anyone would seek to adopt a children away from caring families who are willing to care for them is frightening (reminds me of the scary ‘boogie man’ stories of my childhood), that governments would help children be taken away from caring families is nightmarish. It seems odd – and sick – that all parties don’t seek out children without families if adoption is the goal. Seriously, how is this legal by international standards?

  2. Oh. Lord. Not again. Not only is Madonna a repeat offender in this regard, but this seems to be a chronic problem for lots of privileged white people. Who can for get the slew of Western missionaries who were arrested last year for trying to kidnap 103 children from Chad? If I recall, their logic was similar to Madonna’s–“We care so much for these children, so we’re going to save them from their barbaric living situation.”


  3. I really do not understand the situation. It appears that the little girl’s family cannot care for her, as she is living in an orphanage. If the family does not intend to raise her themselves, then I do not think they get to choose where she goes to live, or demand to have her back at a certain age.

    It makes me wonder why it is that they will suddenly be able to care for her when she is 6? Is that because she will be more useful to them at 6 years of age?

    I agree with many of the criticisms of people like Madonna adopting children from other countries, particularly when the rules are bent for them or the children are literally snatched from loving families.

    I don’t want to suggest any wrongdoing, but I REALLY do not understand why the family is okay with someone raising her while she is a baby, but wants her back when she isn’t a baby anymore!

    Can someone tell me why it is that they feel that way, and why it is okay for them to treat a child that way?

  4. Hey Kat, your comment was summarily deleted for the sheer amount of dumb contained within a single paragraph. How dare anyone point out that simply removing children is not the be all end all of charity nor is it an effective solution to poverty! OUTRAGEOUS!

  5. cm;

    Many “orphanages” there are more like group foster homes here. They are places where families can send their children if the families are having trouble meeting their basic care needs. Many times, the families try to visit (sometimes daily) or the children walk home regularly while the families work to improve the situation and allow the kids back home.

    There are not as many social services available in that area, so you may have a situation where the father dies, the mother needs to work outside of the home, and there is no one to watch a small child. The child might go into a nearby “orphanage” where he or she will be watched, educated, and fed and where the mother can see her several times a week. It does not mean the mother does not love the child or should not have some say in the care. If the situation changes, the mother can get take her home.

    Another common situation is if both parents die and the grandparents or siblings can not care for the child. Family bonds run deep in that area, and just because the child needs to be cared for by someone else does not mean that the other family members do not see him or her regularly.

  6. Honestly, this sort of horseshit goes on within our borders to this day. As the Ramapough Lenape website points out, anytime the “people in the valley” (ie white colonists) heard that a parent had died leaving a child behind in the mountains above, they swept in and took the children away without consulting the extended family or tribe. This is why we so require an international adoption reform that protects a child’s right to know their birth identity and culture, to have a chance at contacting extended family, retain their medical information, and so on. I genuinely question the motives of potential adopters who would fight policies such as these. (Full disclosure: I would love to adopt older children in the future when there would not be a huge age difference between my bio children and the new family members, however I intend to adopt local children and will try to sort out cultural issues.)

  7. Considering the way that AIDs is ravaging the continent, it’s hard to believe that there are no true down-on-their-luck orphans who have no family to take care of them. It sounds like Madonna found a cute little girl she liked and became determined to adopt that one, as if she’s buying a pet at a store.

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