Posted by: Ophelia | September 11, 2008

Not cute

American Apparel, Africa is a continent, not a country. It’s capital is not Arica city. Nor can you invoke “Afrika” through random ugly, clashing, geometric and animal print patterns. What is it with fashion and its deep desire to oversimplify cultures/nations/and whole damn continents for consumption? Cultural (mis)appropriation really ought not to be a marketing scheme. Also–could that outfit be any less flattering? However, maybe its designed for maximum irony factor for the hipsters out there who want to show how non-racist they are by wearing racist crap.

For those that don’t get I’ll try to simplify:

“Afrika” as represented by a handful of animal prints and “tribal” prints.

Let’s not forget the symbolism of having “Afrika” draped over what is likely an underaged blonde girl. Mmm colonialism inspired couture.



  1. I. Hate. America. Apparel.

  2. Racism aside, who the FUCK would even wear this?

  3. Wow – does racism really help sell clothes? Or handbags? Its like the whole fashion industry is really convinced that adding a little ugly racism to a picture of their handbag or hat is a great way to give a photo some ‘interesting contrast’ – did you see that Vogue spread?

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