Posted by: Ophelia | September 23, 2008

Do coke, get raped

“They said if I did coke that I could party all night, they lied”

This particular psa shows the deterioration of a fresh faced young blonde who just wanted to “party all night” so she takes cocaine to keep her going at random parties where she drinks and gets very inebriated, stumbles, and has a strange man whisper in her ear– until we reach the point where she no longer greets her parents on her way out to parties but sneaks past them. Then we reach the teeth of the ad. We see the girl sprawled on the floor of a bathroom, next scene her friends are bringing her to the hospital where she falls to her knees and cries out. There’s a close up on her smeared mascara as she continues to cry, you can see her lipstick is gone and replaced with light bruising around the lips.

So what are the health consequences of cocaine as stated by this commercial? Take coke, lose control, get raped. One might think that in a drug awareness psa about something as potent as cocaine, you could fall back on old reliable of addiction and the dangers to your health to communicate the message.

The websites fast facts about cocaine emphasize the coming down, depression, aspect of it–so I looked at the ad again, maybe that’s what they were trying to get across. Mm…no, one isn’t regularly carried into the er for depression and they never demonstrate the girl’s addiction to the drug, just increasingly wan appeareance coupled with more and more inebriation. No, I don’t think it’s an accident that the ad plays out the way it does. But isn’t it nice to know that drug psas are injecting fear of rape into drug awareness?



  1. Well you know, how else do you scare girls than with rape? Oh, and who knows, maybe they’re going to get them to do brain surgery in the ER.

  2. To be honest, I didn’t see the connection right away. But it does seem absurd that they would show the girl going to the hospital if she had not been raped. Idk. The focus on the guy was so brief that it didn’t catch my attention right away, but now that you’ve pointed it out it seems undeniable.

  3. Those ads all suck! The acid one is notably ridiculous.

  4. This idea that rape is a punishment for bad behavior is revolting and implies that somehow women who are sexually assaulted brought the assault on themselves. Its reprehensible.

  5. I have to second habladora on this one. Rape as discipline for “bad behavior” is completely wrong. It blames the victim and we all know that rape is about power of women and not addiction.

  6. I wonder why there aren’t any ads about a man doing coke and getting raped by another man. Surely, it must happen. I mean, what about teh menz, right?

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