Posted by: Ophelia | September 23, 2008

Leave it to Peta

Clearly replacing cows milk with breast milk will solve the suffering of cows and in no way contribute to the suffering of humans. Nope there’s not a whole lurid history of exploitation attached to the concept of the wet-nurse and I’m sure that disadvantaged women wouldn’t be replacing those mistreated cows. Good looking out Peta, exploiting women is much better than exploiting animals.

Moving aside from Peta’s now desperate attempts to replace the exploitation of animals with the exploitation of women, their logic is faulty. According to them, drinking cows milk is wrong because it is meant for baby cows and in order to keep up the supply, cows must be impregnated. Yet, breast milk is a-ok even though it too is designed for baby humans and would require a mothers to sell the milk designed for their children.

Hm. Guess its alright if those mothers’ bodies are otherized. Anything to save the cows.



  1. I was under the impression that cows produced more milk than their ‘babies’ would need, and that women do not. Sounds like a big difference there too.

  2. Clearly, PETA isn’t serious about this. They’re just being ridiculous and they’re just trying to get attention as usual. With this stunt they want to make people see the parallel between human and cows milk. In today’s society people think human breast milk is disgusting and unfit for an adult to consume, they want people to have the same reaction to cows milk.

    I think it’s interesting that you actually took it one step further by linking the exploitation that women would inevitably endure and the mistreatment female cows currently face.

    If PETA were actually serious about getting Ben & Jerry’s to stop serving ice cream made with cows milk they would push for soy ice cream, not human breast milk ice cream.

  3. I tend to think PETA is funded by a secret cabal of meat lovers, because their reactionary politics do more harm than good.

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