Posted by: Ophelia | October 1, 2008

Unbutton the beast

It’s late and I’ve been writing a legal memo for the past few days so I’m not at the top of my game, but…what the fuck is this?

Someone took the time to put it on youtube:

Levi’s is apparently advertising using the e-card concept but you chose characters that pop out of your pants, so…penises (Oh, forgive me, beasts)? They’re supposed to be colorful characters and then there’s Cookie the Cougar, the red alien-esque looking that that propositions you–you get it? Cougars? Those crazy old gals that date younger men, nothing like the virile studs that bed young women.

Or I could chose “sock nasty” oh he’s a sock with “bling” and oh look he has a grill, how delightful. Or perhaps Donkey Ramon, an insult tossing pinata. Marvelous. Oh and then there’s D.lerious a talking hand that tells you that you have mental problems and then laughs at you.

So we have–race stereotypes, gender stereotypes, and ableism. It’s a club sandwich of dumb. I’ll take mine with a big glob of penis jokes please.

Unbutton the beast from my pants indeed. How does this make me want to buy jeans, again?



  1. Worst… advertising… EVER!!!

  2. I couldn’t agree more. I have been in advertising for years and this is the absolute worst attempt at humor I have ever seen. As a parent of two teenage girls, I will guarantee you that I will never buy Levi’s (was going to say again – but haven’t purchased them ever) –

  3. Ugh, and there’s a piñata… guess what ethnic stereotype it enforces!

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