Posted by: Ophelia | October 7, 2008

Oh no, not candy

It wasn’t the gruesome costumes or gory masks turning up at Lisa Bruno’s front door that spooked her on Halloween. It was the pudge lurking beneath the costumes.

Some parents let their kids trade in their candy for a gift from the "switch witch" or for cold, hard cash.

Some parents let their kids trade in their candy for a gift from the “switch witch” or for cold, hard cash.

“The kids were just so huge,” Bruno says.

CNN then goes on to list the stats for childhood obesity as well as some of the tricks parents have used to keep their kids from eating too much candy.

However, if this:

The government’s food pyramid allows about 10 percent of the day’s calories for most kids to come from extras, which includes candy, Diekman says. “That’s going to allow every child to have some candy on a daily basis, and it really is OK,” she said.

is true, one wonders why they felt the need to begin the article with the woes of someone who is horrified by fat children trick or treating.

There’s nothing wrong with giving out toys, but the blatant fear mongering about how candy= fat is bunk despite its persistance. (Also note the lack of any information or tips about exercise or developing healthy eating habits–clearly only candy can make you fat).



  1. So trying to scare people with the dangers of evil satanists putting razors in apples at Halloween, they’re switching to the obesity argument.

    Why must anything that’s fun be ruined?

  2. So of course the parents aren’t to blame. At all. Am I right or am I right?

  3. Yea, ain’t it grand we let the Government tell us what is good and what isn’t good for us. You brainless masses need to remember how to think for yourselves. This crap makes me sick, halloween is supposed to be FUN! You are supposed to have the kiddies come to your door and say “Trick or Treat” Then guess what they are supposed to be then give them a few candies keep the fucking government out of this holiday and quit runing everything in the world that is fun.

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