Posted by: Ophelia | October 9, 2008

You stay classy

“Tempe12, started by David Freedman, is a swimsuit calendar that features the HOTTEST girls from the Pac-10 and Big Ten universities. When’s the last time you had 12 girls in your bedroom?”

–“these girls are not just pretty faces on the wall. They are kind, intelligent, driven individuals with a bright future.”

But the calendar, which has the largest circulation of any college publication in the country, may seem to fall victim to degrading young women in a culture of “Girls Gone Wild” and Hugh’s Playmates on “Girls Next Door.”

Though Freedman claimed that “Girls Gone Wild” producer Joe Francis is “genius” from a business standpoint, he has his own vision. Francis has faced criminal charges for exposing underage, drunken girls in his videos.

“We take pride in being sexy and classy,” Freedman said. “It’s a girl in a bikini. The same girls who get offended I am pretty sure wear a bikini when they go to the beach or a swimming pool. …People need to get over it.

“Let’s exploit women–but we want you to know they’re all good people. You can tell how lovely they are inside by how much of their body you get to salivate over. One might think that if you respect someone you might do a bio of them with perhaps a photo of them in their normal clothes, but apparently the key is to have them wear as little clothes as possible, this will somehow help you see their goodness. When are the major news networks going to get on the bus and demanding that heads of states slap on a speedo/bikini so we can tell how interesting and intelligent they are?

Oh and if you’ve ever worn a bikini apparently you aren’t allowed to point out that the calendar’s claim to have a genuine interest in the humanity of its subjects isn’t expressed through the photos in the calendar. Sounds a lot like know your role and get over it. Be content as an object to be looked at because just maybe someone might off handedly mention that your brain is nice too.

+ Oh and he thinks girls gone wild is just a swell idea. Who cares if it hurts women, from a business standpoint it’s just peachy keen. But he still values the humanity of the women he’s exploiting…er…

Thanks to Feminist Avengers for pointing out their post on it.



    1. Wow – ‘if you’ve ever worn a bikini, you can’t complain about sexist representations of women…’ – that some logic right there.


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