Posted by: Ophelia | October 10, 2008

Shock and horror!

“Any woman who sees this cover would be shocked and horrified!” Newsweek didn’t retouch Sarah Palin’s cover pic. Apparently, as a woman with a lady mind, I should be outraged that pictures capture images the way that they are. Shocking:

There was light commentary on what may/may not be in the article but obviously the real outrage here is that photographers have taken photos that are not as flattering as possible (like they do everyday to publish in papers and such). I guess this is supposed to be offensive because oh my gosh you can see her age and imperfections! The republican media consultant seems especially peeved about the imperfections bit. I guess when you’re desperately attempting to market your vice presidential candidate as cute,sexy, and a fresh face you don’t want the voters to know that she’s not twenty years old. And you certainly don’t want them to see that she may have the same crows feet that the media fretted over when they were zeroing in on Hillary Clinton’s face. This piece puts a bit of a dent in the “we chose her for her mind” argument.

Let’s focus entirely on the photo (which Palin presumably allowed them to take) and not the content of the article…right.



  1. I like how the cover states: “She’s One Of The Folks”

    If she was airbrushed to perfection, I have no idea what “Folks” she’d be one of…

    But I guess this just illustrates that people who are inclined to vote Republican because of her don’t really know what’s going on. It’s easier to focus on how things look.

  2. Umm…she still seems pretty young in this picture, still has make-up on, how perfect do they want people to look?

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