Posted by: Allyson | October 15, 2008

I Love My Body!

This morning, Kate Harding tipped me off to the fact that it’s Love Your Body Day.  And no matter what qualms I have with NOW, I’m 100% in support of any effort that calls attention to the negative perceptions of the female body we see in the media.

I celebrated/am celebrating Love Your Body Day by doing the following:

  1. Ordered some Lunapads.  Okay, I had planned to order them before I knew what today was, but it just seemed especially serendipitous, so I had to do it.  I love my DivaCup, and decided to order pads because cups are not always advisable with an IUD.  The DivaCup really helped me overcome my menstrual hatred, so I was definitely in the mood to give the Lunapads a try.  Luna products (and similar products from different brands) help you love your body!
  2. Go to my Wednesday yoga class, which I’ve been skipping recently.  Ironically, as I felt weighed down by life stress, I started slackin in my practice.  But today I’m recomitting myself to yoga, because it’s good for me physically, mentally, and emotionally.
  3. Sending e-cards to friends and family.
  4. Going to BookWoman, Austin’s feminist bookstore, to buy a body-celebrating book.  I’ll be extending the celebration into tomorrow to do this, because I won’t have time to go before yoga, and BookWoman is closer to where I work than to where I live.  So to use gas more efficiently, I’m going after work tomorrow.  I’m definitely looking forward to this; I’ve been craving a trip to BookWoman for awhile now, but in the interest of saving money, have been putting it off.  Now I have an excuse!

Are you celebrating?  What are you doing?



  1. Wow, even just discussing loving our bodies makes me feel better about mine. We get so many messages to the opposite effect that even the acknowledgment that it could be different – that we could be proud of our bodies – is really reaffirming. Tks.

  2. What a great way to celebrate! Luna Pads is great! I own tons of Glad Rags –

    Sounds like you have a cool woman’s book store in Austin! We don’t have anything like that in Detroit unfortunately… 😦

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