Posted by: Ophelia | October 24, 2008

I can’t believe they didn’t buy it

(CNN) — A Republican campaign worker who told police she was assaulted by a man angered by a John McCain sticker on her car admitted she made up the report, the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, assistant police chief said Friday.

Ashley Todd, 20, of College Park, Texas, will be charged with filing a false police report, a misdemeanor, and may face more charges, said police spokeswoman Diane Richard at a news conference.

“This has wasted so much time. … It’s just a lot of wasted man hours,” Assistant Police Chief Maurita Bryant said at the same briefing.

The woman told investigators a man approached her Wednesday night at an ATM in Pittsburgh’s East End, put a blade to her neck and demanded money, Richard said.

The woman also told police her attacker “called her a lot of names and stated that ‘You are going to be a Barack supporter,’ at which time she states he sat on her chest, pinning both her hands down with his knees, and scratched into her face a backward letter ‘B’ on the right side of her face using what she believed to be a very dull knife.”

Richard said the woman had described her alleged attacker as an African-American, 6 feet 4 inches tall with a medium build and short dark hair, wearing dark clothing and shiny shoes.

From the moment this story broke, most of the media (including conservative blogs) took it with a grain of salt. It just seemed too perfect. A young white McCain supporter getting attacked by a big black man who then mutilates her in his attempt to her a “Barack supporter”. For some reason, they just didn’t buy it. Given the media portrayal of black men, the media is very open to stories that show them as the senseless violent offenders. The coverage of this incidents makes them seem much more common and therefore, black men seem much more dangerous. I’ve come to expect that accusations against black men are given that much more credence in the media–after all, that’s how they see them already and these stories reinforce those beliefs. But for some reason, this story left a bad taste in everyone’s mouth. They just didn’t buy it. Maybe they learned their lesson after the Susan Smith debacle. Maybe, to some degree, the media recognizes that it’s awfully suspicious that the accusations feature attackers that are as general as can be with absolutely no distinctive features. Perhaps they were just unwilling to believe her since, well, the news media doesn’t really like to belive female victims whose stories don’r match up exactly each time they tell them. In this case, upon probing, this woman’s story fell apart and she quickly admitted the farce but I still wonder–why didn’t the media buy this story?



  1. I’m surprised that I didn’t hear a thing about it before. McCain would normally be all over this like flies on sh!t.

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