Posted by: Ophelia | November 3, 2008

This snark is on the nose

Joplin Globe Madness responds to an editorial featuring the following passage.

Why would I vote for someone who is all for abortion? Statistics show that mostly the white population uses birth control and the ever-present abortion. Our numbers are dwindling, and Obama wants to keep it that way. Ever think about that?”

Indeed editorialist I have thought of that. During my research for a paper in undergrad came across a book that contained a colection of white supremacist cartoons. The idea of abortion as a tool of the evil mud races to destroy white supremacy was a prime feature of those cartoons.

Ever think about why the pro-life movement is so unconcerned with post-fetal life? Why they don’t advocate for cheap healthcare, daycare, better schools, better after-school programs, easier access to enriching school programs for the arts, work training for mothers, better educational opportunities for mothers, cheaper housing for families, and more services that would indicate that they cared about more than fetuses?

Now, not to tar all pro-lifers with the white supremacy brush but it would seem that either pro-lifers are completely unaware that being a parent is more than bringing a child to term, or their  main concern is preventing the women who can “afford” to be parents (remember the pro-lifers who honestly believe that women employ abortion as birth control blissfully unaware of just how expensive it is? Seems like they’re focusing on the wealthy or well to do from a particular race in this presumsumption) from aborting with all other women as collateral damage.

If it is about the “numbers” I wonder how they expect it to work when abortion (and potentially birth control–depending on the group’s goals) are banned. Wouldn’t the birth rates of the other groups continue to overtake whites? But lest we forget, racism is illogical. If they were using logic, they would be advocating any and all programs that would make parenting easier, not sneering about the health and welfare of women and children as legitimate causes for concern all the while pining over the millions of “pre-born” slaughtered by birth control, abortion, and choice in general. If any pro-lifers would be interested in explaining why the quality of life for the post-born is not a necessary part of the pro-life movement, it could be an eye-opener.


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