Posted by: Ophelia | November 6, 2008

Just go read it

Blackfemipower speaks on her thoughts following the election. Just go read it.

And so while we can all congratulate each other and honor the accomplishment and smile and hug and scream in the streets–we can not look away from that very real fucking truth. We are all a part of inflicting the pain that makes this accomplishment so huge, so important, so tender and delicate–that this is the first time since the creation of the United States that we as a nation have found as much value in the body and mind of a black man as the black community does.

Have other posts captured your post election feelings? Link them in the comments.

ETA: Lindabeth comments on Prop 8 and the logical fallacy of “traditional marriage”.

Now before we leap for joy at the end of racism we are punched in the face with another accusation of the monolithic hive mind of blacks. Not only are all blacks homophobes, but they’re so homophobic that it surely must be their votes alone that passed Prop 8 (please to be ignoring the 51% of white voters that voted for it). We actually have people bemoaning the presence of blacks at the polls that caused prop 8 to pass. Even if all blacks in California, all 6.7% of the total population voted for it, they couldn’t have passed it alone. Yet, somehow no one is blaming the monolithic white vote. Now I know this is the America I grew up in–I was starting to worry. I think the vote they ought to be bemoaning is the religious vote, since I’m pretty sure gay blacks didn’t vote for prop 8 (shocking I know, but they do exist). I suppose it’s infinitely easier to simply blame the passing of prop 8 on those darned uppity negroes. Could it be that since many blacks are religious and the people campaigning for the passing of prop 8 targeted them specifically? Nay, it’s blacks as a group–they just lack empathy since they’re all straight.

Edit Again: Someone was kind enough to crunch the numbers and find out what would have happened if blacks had not turned out.


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