Posted by: Ophelia | November 13, 2008

Why do I even watch the view?

For gems like today’s Hasselbeck rambling about how California voters were just reacting to an activist court–that judges shouldn’t make decisions for people and voters should get to have their say. Yes Elizabeth, voters should get to decide the civil rights of others who are marginalized in society, that makes perfect sense. Specialists who understand the law and its intentions should not trump blind prejudice so long as its a democratic process of removing rights–totally makes sense. I hope to get a video of this by this evening.



  1. Argh. I was kind og having an argument with Kate about this on our radio show on Tuesday. I was trying to make the same point you just made, and I thought I was clear but maybe I wasn’t.

    I agree with you though.
    And I would like to see a video!

  2. If we had to wait for people to VOTE for civil rights, woman wouldn’t be able to vote and black people would still not be considered a full person.

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