Posted by: Ophelia | December 3, 2008

Still not dead

Just swamped with work. Feel free to send post ideas and articles since I haven’t had much time to search on my own (I haven’t touched my blogroll for about three weeks now–for shame, I know).



  1. ‘Tis the season for not-enough-time-to-blog. I’m expecting December to be a rough month for my site, but I’ll try to rally a bit now that I’m back from one round of travel. Of course, the next round starts in 2 weeks, so…

    Good luck with all you’ve got going on!

  2. One of the organizations on campus wants to have a campus event/discussion about white privilege. It’s still in the planning stages and I’m hoping to finangle my way onto the board. So there’s that plus the normal work load that’s really taking a lot out of me.

  3. As a prominent blogger who frequently writes about how our different types of privilege shape our understanding of ourselves and others, I think the spot is yours if you want it. Hell, you’ve got my vote.

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