Posted by: Ophelia | January 21, 2009

“women want the dick, even when they say ‘no.’ They want the dick.”

10rv0223“In my book he just kind of condoned rape,” Gropp said. “I was just floored … that was when I decided to start recording things and file a complaint.”

Despite a consistent flow of complaints of harassment, fraud and threatening behavior to the school’s Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity (OEOD) and to former CSU President Larry Penley, Yarbrough was promoted last year to vice president of public safety in addition to being chief of police.

He was handsomely rewarded with a $156,000-a-year salary, easily making him the highest paid law enforcement officer in the state.

Barred by state personnel law, the university hasn’t released any information about Yarbrough’s paid administrative leave and an ongoing investigation headed by Colorado Bureau of Investigation. (The Rocky Mountain Collegian)

I think what is most surprising about this story is the reaction to it. In a society teeming with sexist messages that tell us that women are only good for pleasuring men, that there are good girls and bad girls, and that all women secretly want to be put in their place–is it any surprise that members of our society walk around with such thoughts in their head? Is it shocking only because he’s a police officer, or is it shocking because we’ve come to expect that this particular belief is not one that should or needs to be openly stated?  That said, what educational purpose does this little gem of wisdom serve? Don’t forget, it’s not rape because they always want it! For this, he walks around on leave with a 150k salary unbelievable, but completely predictable.



  1. Ugh this is disgusting, but somehow I don’t know if I find it that shocking. It made me think of all the stand-up comedians that use this shit in their routine and people LAUGH at it.
    Reading the rest of the article is even worse to me. Yarbough sounds like a character in a movie…it’s kind of hard for me to even believe a person like this exists.
    It seems it’s taken so long to suspend him because by feigning that they were ‘unaware’ of his statements and conduct, they can pretend they might not lose more respect.

    Anyway…that got my rage meter up!
    Good article.

  2. Attitudes like this from law enforcement does not surprise me in the least, considering how women who report rape are treated, there had to be an attitude like this lurking in the background.

  3. Sounds like this guy is a rapist himself. Making excuses so he can feel better about his behavior.

  4. You need to prove someone is guilty in a court of law before they are guilty. It’s not always fair but it’s the only way to prove anything.

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