Posted by: Ophelia | January 28, 2009

Stay classy Dick

Watch Dick Armey employ internet troll attack #5. When faced with a woman speaking, try and shut her up by telling her that she’s prattling and that you’d never marry a woman like her. What a loss for all women everywhere. He doesn’t like prattlers.

“I don’t like the points you’re making, I’m not listening lah lah lah give it a rest–see that’s why I could never marry a woman like you blah blah blah all day.”



  1. Wow.

    Just…wow. There are no words in my brain right now.

  2. Not clever enough to formulate an intelligent response? No worries. Just insult her, that should shut her up.

    Men – very, very weak.

  3. This happens all the time. Men try to shut women up by saying something degrading about their gender. It happens ALL the time, to me and other people I know. It makes me feel sick.

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