Posted by: Ophelia | February 2, 2009

Teleflora, no one wants to see you naked

Ladies, don’t accept flowers in a box since how much money your loved ones spend on you is directly proportional with how much they care about you. If he sends flowers in a box, he doesn’t want to see you naked and you should feel bad about yourself. Remember men, if you send flowers in a box, you never know if they’ll start talking about how ugly your wife/girlfriend is and how no one wants to have sex with her–and her coworkers will then feel the need to tell her that they wouldn’t mind seeing her naked after all. m

Honestly, this commercial is poorly thought out at best. At least jewelry companies don’t outright say that if you don’t spend x amount for x holiday you think your loved ones are ugly. It’s just implied.



  1. Can’t watch with sound (I’m at work) but the talking flowers remind me eerily of Audrey II from Little Shop of Horrors.

  2. Great minds think alike. You might enjoy seeing the actual comparison of the talking flowers in the “bad ad” with Audrey2 from LSOH 🙂

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