Posted by: Ophelia | February 17, 2009

Quick post: Have you seen this commercial?

For the new six hour energy supplement?

For those at work, the commercial is a scantily clad office woman being summoned into her (male) boss’ office. The shot then changes to the chair and desk squeaking, the boss grunting, (presumably) a picture of his wife/girlfriend falling off the desk and the picture frame shattering, before he stands up triumphantly and declares to the secretary that now he’s ready. Apparently you should drink this supplement before sexual harassment? It looks like the secretary was in the room the whole time and the grunts and squeaking didn’t sound like beverage enjoyment to me.

The youtube comments reflect how ineffective this innuendo is at selling the product, I’m not really sure what it’s supposed to do for me and the illustrated use is unappealing at best.



  1. hadn’t seen this commercial yet, but can i just say it made me want to puke.

    • If you haven’t seen the commercial how can you say “it made me want to puke”?

      • @Aillen

        Perhaps its possible that the description of the article made her want to puke?

        Seriously, that is pretty easy to infer.

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