Posted by: Ophelia | February 18, 2009

Another quick post brought to you by exam week

Here’s a list of searches that led people to this blog this week. I think it’s cute someone was looking for more info on Habladora while someone else wanted to know why women should be in politics (hopefully they were looking for support for the pro position). I hope the people looking for stereotypical girl jokes and genital deodorization weren’t disappointed.

Search Views
genetics 9
ships 2
women in us politics 2008 2
graduating 1
all women to all male colleges 1
reasons viagra is covered and birth cont 1
stereotypical girl jokes 1
white women with big butts racism 1
little red book menstruation 1
degu incest 1
women that want dick 1
why women should go into politics 1
england’s reasons for control 1
the little red book (period) 1
need contraceptive pill but have no doct 1
is viagra a form of birth control? 1
deodorizing genitals 1
ambercrombie & fitch 1
about habladora of the feminist undergro 1
vagina smelly damp 1
genetika 1
levi’s unbutton the beast 1
ambercrombie and fitch 1
pantyhose feminine 1
pregnancy pictures

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