Posted by: manafanana | February 19, 2009

An encouraging vision

In the blogosphere, it often seems that there is much more bad news to report than good. However, today I saw something that both delighted and astonished me (considering that I’ve never seen anything like it, even in college). I work at a high school, and today one of my students, a 17 year-old boy, was wearing a homemade t-shirt that said:


Roe vs. Wade          est. January 1973

He was just wearing this randomly. There was no special event going on, no ‘dare’ was to blame–he just wants people to know where he stands. I asked him about wearing such a ‘political’ shirt to school (especially in our conservative little town) and he said, “Well, I haven’t gotten shot yet, so that’s good.” Kudos to you, sir!

That is all.


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