Posted by: manafanana | February 26, 2009

Quick post: $ for Filipino Vets or Too Little Too Late?

This is a sad story that has made the rounds recently. The recent stimulus bill included money for Filipinos who fought in WWII for the U.S. against the Japanese. In the original deal, the U.S. government promised veteran’s benefits, payment, and citizenship to these men. The U.S. reneged on all three, only after they had served our country bravely. They went uncompensated for over 60 years.

The stimulus bill money allocated for these vets is meant to right an old wrong. Admirable, I guess. But the money being offered each vet is a measly $15,000. Not only that, but the vets who aren’t U.S. citizens get only $9,000 (I guess it’s their fault that their U.S. citizenship was stripped from them by Truman for no apparent reason, after they had earned it with their blood and loyalty). To top it all off, the text of the bill releases the U.S. from any further obligation to these men and their families (who aren’t eligible for the money at all). Most of them are in their 80s and 90s, members of an ethnic minority, and living in poverty.

Is it just me, or does the U.S. seem to be amazingly good at this type of bullshit?



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