Posted by: Ophelia | March 2, 2009

Quick posts, a lot like tweets only not

What bugged me this weekend:

  • “The notion that women have to want sex to enjoy it has been a really misguided idea that has caused havoc in relationships over the last 40 years.” Care of the Sydney Morning Herald, the article seeks to demonstrate how couples should compromise in order to maintain intimacy using the examples of couples where the wives are literally repulsed by the touch of their partners rather than just being not in the mood. Instead of advocating therapy to determine the source of the problem and coming up with a mutual solution, the solution is for gals to say yes more often. Apparently if men are dissatisfied, the relationship cannot survive–they don’t seem to feel the same way about if the woman is dissatisfied. She needs to get over it it. I don’t disagree that intimacy is important within a marriage, or that compromise is sometimes necessary but I don’t think that if you are frightened of the idea of sex that simply saying yes is any sort of compromise or that it will solve any underlying problems.
  • Dokapon Kingdom. It’s like an Rpg and Mario party put together. You have to employ strategy and depend on a great deal of luck dokapon_wii_boxto succeed. However, I have feminist frowny faces for this game. In the starting classes, only female magicians aren’t wearing particularly revealing clothing. Secondly, you can customize the face of your avatar, if you have a female avatar you can pick normal, sexy, ditsy, or selfish. Male avatars can be normal, cool, angry, and some bemused look but they can’t be sexy or ditsy or selfish. Finally the stated goal of story mode is to marry the princess and become the king. They couldn’t throw me a bone with a gender neutral goal, or at least toss in a prince? These factors won’t keep me from playing, but they irritated the crap out of me. I’m going to have to blame rpg tropes and not this game in particular.

snuggieEm, as someone who works at home, I can testify that it really does demoralize you over time to quit caring about what you look like just because you’re at home.  I mean, obviously, you wear pajamas and no make-up, but it’s good for the self-esteem to treat yourself and the people around you as deserving of decent aesthetics.

Amanda Marcotte  on  03/01  at  03:16 PM

Why would I give a crap what someone else thinks about how I look in my own home?

I’ve maintained throughout this thread that the number one person that you should do nice things for is yourself.  It’s really freeing to start caring about niceties for no other person than yourself, which I discovered when I lived at home.  Sitting in my balcony garden with my decent jammies, pretty coffee cup, and plant collection was a real pleasure.  Yeah, other people didn’t see the tableau, but like I said, I use the guest towels myself.

Amanda Marcotte  on  03/01  at  11:23 PM
A la Lewis Black: And I am confused.

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