Posted by: Ophelia | March 8, 2009

What about the men, video edition

Caution: the video linked (edit: I’ve decided not to include the video, you can search for it if you wish but the website contains other “shock” videos such as beheadings and vehicle accidents and simulated rape so I didn’t feel it made much sense to give them any extra attention) to is extremely likely to be triggering. It involves a large number of men surrounding women in cars, jumping all over the car, snatching open the doors, reaching through the windows, and grabbing the drivers and her passenger–in more than one case dragging the women out and tearing off their clothes. The title of the video was “Show your tits or die”. The subtitle was “Don’t fret, no white women were harmed in the making of this video. Although a bunch of high end vehicles did get trampled on. Bummer!” The video was also spliced with a news report talking about the election to create the affect of a post election riot.

This is apparently a “macho video”.  Honestly, where are the “what about the men” commenters now? I mean, they claim feminists make men out to be the enemy but here we have a prime example of the patriarchy hurting men. This video and website say “This is what men like. This is who men are.” Where are all the commenters who come out to decry any posts that could be seen to talk about men as a whole?  They’re actually defining manliness as something ugly and inhumane. So where are you? Where is your outrage? What do you intend to do?

Don’t bother commenting if you don’t believe in the inherent humanity and worth of all people regardless of gender, or if you’ve come to defend the video or the website.


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