Posted by: Ophelia | June 2, 2009

Link roundup on the assassination of George Tiller

Feministe answers the question of “Is it wrong to murder an abortionist” posed by Slate.

Renee andKate Harding point out that the words and rhetoric of the movement have real world consequences.

I guess I’m still in shock–especially since the coverage in the mainstream media won’t call this the terrorism that it was but rather point the finger at Tiller for being an “abortionist”–a term which further erases the agency of his patients. It’s as if doctors who perform abortions trick women or ambush them and end their pregnancies when in reality it’s the pro life people who obfuscate the truth and force women into unwanted decisions with their “crisis pregnancy centers”. My thoughts are still jumbled up–and it doesn’t help that I recently made an appointment at a place that does perform surgical abortions, since they also perform other gynecological surgeries,  and I’m sure there will be protesters about. Of course, isn’t that what the assasination was about–not just to get rid of someone performing abortions but to frighten women away from obtaining abortions and frankly any other kind of health care from places that may offer abortion as an option. They don’t care about the women coming in for iud consultations, std testing, check ups, what’s important is that no one gets abortions–even if that means harming more women through lack of access to their healthcare providers as collateral damage.

I need more time to think.


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