Posted by: Ophelia | June 4, 2009

Rapist, not “Rapist”

Trigger warning.

Police: ‘Rapist’ May Not Be Guilty In Husband’s Scheme

Secret Service Reveals Possible Craigslist Connection

Posted: 3:33 pm EDT June 3, 2009Updated: 11:24 pm EDT June 3, 2009

KANNAPOLIS, N.C. — Detectives turned their attention Wednesday night to finding an accused rapist who might not be guilty of any crime. Kannapolis police charged a woman’s husband with arranging for a stranger to rape her.”We need to determine for sure if this other party knows, or should’ve known that this wasn’t going to be a consensual act,” said Capt. Chuck Adams. Police said the husband went online to Craigslist to find someone to sexually assault his wife.Investigators were using the help of the Secret Service to scour computer files in an attempt to locate the stranger.It was mixed emotions for neighbors now relieved it wasn’t a random crime. “Thoughts go out to the woman and her family, terrible thing, but very glad its not a unsuspected random attack,” said Mark Russell.Eyewitness News did a search on Craiglist, and found twelve local ads for “rape fantasy”, and sixty entries for “role play.”Police emphasize that the victim in this case didn’t know about her husband’s plan.Neighbors in the Farm subdivision off Shiloh Church Road in Kannapolis were shocked to learn about the arrest and charges.Subdivision resident Herman Fons said, “How can you do that to a loved one? I’m stunned. I’m stunned.”Kannapolis Police Chief Woody Chavis is similarly perplexed. “It’s very unusual, and I’ve been in law enforcement a long time,” he said.Davis said the suspect went online to the Craigslist web site looking for something unusual: a sex partner willing to go too far. “He solicited him to enter his house and sexually assault his wife,” Chavis said.The man found online has not been charged with a crime yet, and Chavis said police aren’t sure yet whether he thought the wife was in on the plan.Sunday morning, while the couple’s 3- and 4-year-old children slept, the alleged victim awoke to see a man standing at the foot of her bed holding a knife, according to Chavis.One of the first clues police had that the husband was a participant was that he apparently did nothing to try to stop the assault. “There is no indication he did anything whatsoever to stop it,” Chavis said.Police confiscated the husband’s computer and gave it to the U.S. Secret Service, which found the Craigslist connection.Eyewitness News reporter Ken Lemon asked Davis why the husband would set up such an attack. Chavis replied, “I think that was something he wanted to experience. That was his fantasy.”While Kannapolis police have released the husband’s name, Eyewitness News is not using it to protect the privacy of the alleged victim in the case.


This guy is not a “rapist”, he’s a rapist. Objectively speaking, he did rape a woman. She did not give her consent nor did he obtain it–if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck… I’m sure the excuse will be that he thought he was participating in a fantasy (there was a case like this in our crim law book wherein a husband told two guys to have sex with his wife, that she liked it rough, and if she complained that it was all part of the fantasy–what do you know, that wasn’t a reasonable mistake to make on their part). However, he never corresponded with the wife and was wielding a knife. Even if he honestly believed this was all part of an agreed upon activity, a reasonable person would have known better given the circumstances. How is it mutal and safe play when the parties haven’t communicated openly? Why are we trying to excuse someone for something so heinus? Do people regularly “accidentally” rape strangers because someone told them it was alright? Would we buy it if the husband told the guy to take money from his wife’s wallet and she’d be totally okay with it? We’d call him a moron and rightfully so.

Also I’m not so sure why the neighbors are relieved. Oh at least it was just some stranger of dubious moral character willing to threaten someone with a knife and rape them at the request of another–oh yeah, I’d feel much safer with someone like that roaming around my neighborhood. Oh and let’s not forget sharing the neighborhood with someone whose idea of a fantasy is having someone else be violated while he watches. He seems like a safe character to have around.

My heart goes out to the wife, I can’t even fathom how she must feel.



  1. Wow, that’s crazy. Thanks for sharing this with us…

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  2. By no means do I defend this act, it is disgusting on so many levels. However I will defend the “rapist” vs. rapist, only because at this time he is an alleged rapist (which may have been a more appropriate title for the article). As we all know you’re innocent until the jury finds you guilty…at which point he will no longer be alleged and we are free to call him rapist, scumbag, monster, etc., without any quotations around the term.

  3. My problem with the reporting is that the husband was already charged with arranging the rape. How can he be guilty of that crime if the “rapist” is not a rapist? Additionally, the report didn’t say the husband was being charged with arranging the “rape” of his wife so it’s inconsistent.

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