Posted by: Ophelia | July 21, 2009

Tuesday ugh

If you haven’t heard already a female sportscaster from ESPN was videotaped nude in her hotel room by some unknown pervert through the peephole. Of course the video has already made the rounds and it’s a popular search on google. Even though this is a classic invasion of privacy the dialogue surrounding the incident is about how sexy she is. Fox went so far as to call her a “sideline siren” and the NY post* says in their article that “ESPN believes she was the victim of a crime.” As if someone could just plumb forget inviting a stranger to videotape them through the peephole of their hotel room. Or maybe it’s the fact that she’s attractive that makes it less of a crime. How could someone be expected to control themselves when faced with the opportunity to invade her privacy and expose her body to the public? Let alone, how could they be expected not to actively seek out this video despite her coming out and stating what had happened and asking people not to do it. First and foremost she’s a woman whose body should be available to all who have an interest. Secondly she is a celebrity which means that she doesn’t get to have her privacy. When you’re a sexy siren I guess your privacy can’t be violated no matter how obvious a violation it is. So, the media outlets will dole out some faux pity which is just an excuse to talk about how hot the victim is.

*Also someone should alert the post that an article about a pervert videotaping someone through a peephole doesn’t require a still acquired from said video.


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