Posted by: Ophelia | August 6, 2009

Racist AND Misogynist? What a catch

Feministe pokes holes in the narrative about the poor guy who was so lonely that he had to go out and murder two women and injure several others at that L.A. Fitness.

I wonder why some media outlets have chosen to present this situation as if it was based in lonliness rather than entitlement and anger. The things this guy wrote indicate that he believed that women owe him something. By deciding to bathe and slap on some cologne, he was entitled to some sort of regular sex. A friendly smile should have translated into some friendliness between the sheets and because it didn’t it’s the women who were wrong. It couldn’t be his thinly veiled entitlement, misogyny, and racism that kept others away. No, it must be those thirty million stuck up ladies who just wouldn’t have him. How many more incidents like this are necessary before our society is forced to look at the harm misogyny can and does do? It creates this entitlement to women’s bodies and anger when that debt isn’t paid which feeds directly into the violence regularly committed against women.



  1. It’s because white men are never to blame, according to the media.

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