Posted by: Ophelia | September 23, 2009

This is relevant to my interests

So I’ve been taking a sabbatical of  sorts to focus on school and work, and because I was tried of routinely reading horrifyingly stupid/racist/sexist/ableist things. However, it follows me around. For one of my classes there is an online discussion board and you get class participation points for posting and replying. I’ll just give you an excerpt from one of the postings–now this article was posted with zero commentary but here’s just a taste.

In what has become a more or less common turn of events, the female Hofstra University student that accused five men, including one classmate, of gang raping her in a school dormitory bathroom has recanted the charges. That’s legal and media speak for admitting she cheapened herself by taking on five men willingly on a men’s room floor and lied about it later out of what little capacity for shame she had.

There should be too, I assume, and yawning again, a fair amount of finger pointing at feminists who pushed for and got these insane rape shield laws, resulting in so many travesties of justice, so many lives ruined.

Normally, I’d expect feminists to find a way to mistake cowardice for nobility.  Such delusions seem more their forte. It’s disgusting to see so many men do it.  But such behavior has become part of the modern masculine repertoire.  And frankly I am growing weary of men, myself included, protesting modern affairs as long as we are leaving jails and courtrooms like grinning weasels, wearing our disgraces like badges of honor.

Now this article is bemoaning the rape shield laws that protect accusers even once they recant. It’s completely even handed and not at all vitriolic. I believe I responded by stating that the rape shield laws aren’t impenetrable–whenever the media decides that a victim isn’t really a victim, they find her name and report it whether or not she ultimately recants. I added that the rape shield laws aren’t immediately repealed for those who recant since there’s plenty of reasons why someone might drop their suit and not all of those reasons involve “cheapening” oneself willingly. I didn’t get into the low numbers of false accusations or even–perhaps if this author knew more of the law he might be less enraged since if this woman ever presses charges in relation to a sexual assault again, this hofstra incident will not be covered by the rape shield law. She could be impeached as a witness by her prior false allegation–which could make it likely that a jury would not find her credible if it comes down to it and find for her alleged rapist.

Might I just add in that having a five way when you’re a guy earns no comment while if you’re a woman you have no shame and are cheap. Perhaps it’s these very attitudes that made the rape shield laws necessary? After all, they exist to protect the victim’s name so he/she cannot be harassed and to prevent them from being grilled about their general sexual history to determine whether or not they’re the type of person who probably deserved whatever they got or probably wouldn’t say no after all. Doesn’t the media still clamor for information about who the victim last slept with, or how many people have they slept with at once? Doesn’t society still find victims who are sexually active less sympathetic because they shouldn’t have been there/worn that/drank so much/ went with that person?

No, no, never that. Must be those feminists.



  1. I’m sorry, but posting that article without commentary is not participation in the least. Hell, in doing that, it makes him look like he agrees with that BS.

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